Shure is a world-renowned manufacturer for microphones, quality wireless systems, in-ear monitoring systems, sound isolating earphones, headphones & audio, and DJ cartridges. Since 1925, musicians and music enthusiasts around the world have chosen Shure with confidence in the unparalleled sound and performance of their products.

For forty years and counting, the Shure SM58 has been the most popular vocal microphone in the world, revered for its natural sound and famed durability.

Shure wireless microphones are synonymous with innovative technology and bulletproof reliability. And their award-winning earphones are redefining the audio experience for the most discerning listeners.

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Shure microphones are the industry standard for beginners and professionals: Legendary sound quality and reliability. Full range of best microphone for your needs - Whether you need a vocal or instrument microphone, a set of drum microphones, or wireless microphones.

Presenters and performers love the freedom and flexibility that wireless can provide. Singing or speaking, vocal or instrumental, Shure brings the sound and reliability of their microphones to the world of wireless.

For years, Shure Personal Monitor Systems and Sound Isolating Earphones have given professional musicians an edge over the wedge. Choose from the entry PSM 200 in ear personal monitoring system to the flagship PSM 1000.

Shure has a selection of mixers, including automatic mixers with proprietary IntelliMix™ technology, that enable you to customize any size sound reinforcement installation and effectively manage multi-microphone setups in corporate environments, educational facilities, government institutions, or houses of worship.

Shure Digital Conference & Discussion Systems are designed for any group that holds formal meetings – not just parliaments and international organizations. They are the ideal solution for corporate boards and meeting rooms, educational institutions, government bodies, non-profit organizations, as well as summit meetings and annual conferences.

Shure is building out their solutions to make more intelligent workflows for design, monitoring, operation and management of their products and help conquer the scale and complexity of modern systems.

Find Accessories for all your Shure products: Microphone cables, clips, mounts, wind screens, antennas, rack mounts, earphone sleeves and much more.

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