Everyone in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 28th SEA Games were heard loud and clear thanks to the Shure AXIENT Wireless Management Network provided by system integrator Electronics & Engineering (E&E), authorized distributor of Shure in Singapore.

Unprecedented wireless technology and advanced spectrum management capabilities allowed emcees and performers to engage with the audience and move freely around the Stadium. Simultaneously, sound engineers could remotely adjust wireless microphone settings in real time, using the ShowLink Remote Control feature. A wireless network link between Axient receivers and transmitters allowed the audio team to make crucial changes to transmitter settings, without ever leaving the control booth.

With many TV stations live broadcasting these large scale events, and other wireless systems, intercoms, and digital devices crowding the RF environment, signal interference is a common issue. Axient Interference Detection and Avoidance offered the ideal solution. Not only providing alerts when RF interference occurred, the system automatically moved to clean frequencies within milliseconds, making even major interference issues nearly undetectable and delivering the confi dence of knowing that no matter what, interference will not ruin the show.

Shure AXIENT Wireless Management Network
Shure AXIENT Wireless Management Network

A total of 24 channels of Axient were used during the Opening and Closing Ceremony of the 28th SEA Games, with a mix of AXT200 handheld and AXT100 bodypack transmitters. Additionally the UHF-R Wireless System with UR3 plug-on wireless microphone transmitters was used at the rostrum on the portable stage at the center of the stadium field.

The Shure PSM1000 Personal Monitor System complemented the wireless microphone solution, with 8 x P10T Dual Channel Wireless Transmitters and 24 x P10R Bodypack Receivers providing in-ear monitoring for performers and emcees. Besides providing and installing the wireless audio systems, the E&E System Applications Team also trained the team from ShowCo on the use of cables and connectors, as well as ideal antenna placement to achieve best possible coverage, while considering the aesthetics of the show design. This was a main consideration for the organisers and they were highly satisfied with the solutions offered by the E&E team.