Clear-Com, an HME company, is a trusted global provider of professional real-time communication solutions and services since 1968.

Clear-Com innovate market-proven technologies that connect teams together through wired and wireless systems. Their products facilitate the seamless coordination of any activity all while maintaining a level of reliability, security and simplicity.

Clear-Com was the first to market portable wired and wireless intercom systems for live performances. Since then, their history of technological advancements and innovations has delivered significant improvements in the way people collaborate in any professional setting where real-time communication is required.

For the markets, Clear-Com serve – broadcast, live performance, live events, sports, military, aerospace, and government – their communication products have consistently met the communication requirements of varying size and complexity.

Product Categories

Clear-Com full-duplex communication solutions are available in 2-wire analog or 4-wire digital, connected over a variety of connectivity solutions such as microphone cabling, standardized CAT5/6 cabling, fiber or IP.

Wireless intercom systems offer the convenience of untethered, hands-free and full-duplex communication for mobile users, while providing the RF strength, flexibility and audio quality that you can depend on.

ClearCom IP solutions support major formats including Dante, AES67 with SMPTE® 21110-30 compatibility, and they offer solutions for internet and WAN operation.

Signal Transport Solutions are collections of connectivity devices for linking, transporting, distributing and/or routing signals in a secure network. These devices can connect one or more traditional intercom systems over optical fiber or IP networks.

Clear-Com offers a versatile range of headsets, handsets, microphones and accessories that are designed for use with their intercom products to provide excellent audio quality, comfort and reliability.

Built on several generations of proven technology, the Trilogy Sync and Reference Generator produces synchronized video, audio and timecode signals, with a high level of reliability and accuracy. These devices are used to provide a master timing source for a video facility.

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