At the Church of Saint Alphonsus, the Saturday novena services usually attract more people than the Sunday Mass services (Catholics generally go to their own parishes to attend Sunday Mass). Having popularised the novena devotion sessions in Singapore, it draws people from the entire country and beyond. The devotions gave name to the surrounding area, Novena.

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Shure Axient Digital at St Alphonsus Church (Novena Singapore)

SINGAPORE: St Alphonsus Church located in Thomson Road, Singapore, is a magnet to thousands of worshippers. The Catholic Church has over the decades had a strong pull even with those who are not of the same faith especially for its Novena services on Saturdays. As many as 20,000 worshippers visit the church on Saturdays where Novena services were held almost every hour. Bursting at the seams, the church had requested and was granted permission to expand its space to accommodate more worshippers.


In October last year, after three years of renovation and refurbishment, the church opened its doors that included a new and large sanctuary hall that is able to accommodate 1500 worshippers per service. Since its opening, the church has maintained its momentum of attracting large crowds to its services albeit in a more conducive environment.

The new hall has a classical architecture that is reminiscent of churches that are found in Europe. Marbled floors, beautifully stained glasses, limestone clad columns, high arches provided the ambience whilst the AV technologies implemented in the church helped to ensure worshippers had a meaningful experience.


Amongst the solutions integrated in the church were solutions supplied by Electronics & Engineering Pte Ltd (E&E), who also had a hand in integrating and testing the solutions. Amongst the key products installed, the Shure Axient Digital Wireless Systems was chosen for its superb audio quality and signal stability.

The new sanctuary is a big space and there are a number of blind spots that a normal wireless system would not be able to handle. The church required wireless microphone coverage both inside the main prayer hall and outside in the piazza. To fulfill this requirement, set up with the Quadversity™ mode of Axient Digital was proposed for extended antenna coverage and improved RF signal-to-noise, with two antenna channels dedicated to cover indoors, and another two channels covering outdoors. Users are able to travel between both areas with seamless wireless microphone reception.

A total of six wireless antennas with in-line amplifiers are placed in and around the hall, the Shure Axient Digital is able to ensure smooth and clear transmission from even outside of the hall without any drop-outs. Currently, two handheld mics are used in the system with plans to increase that number later.

“The quality of our solutions and Shure’s reputation for reliability were key factors that helped us get selected to supply for this project,”  shared Gary Goh, Deputy Managing Director, Electronics & Engineering Pte Ltd.

Photo Credit: Church of Saint Alphonsus