Holograms In The Future Of Work

Hypervsn Wall Holograms

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The Future Of Work is an exciting one that is sure to incorporate new levels of technology - including Holograms. For decades, Holograms were the staples in many science fiction films and books. Today, Holograms are no longer a fantasy, rather they are being used for many real-life applications, across a range of industries, even in Singapore.

Trends In Hologram

In the last 5 years, we have seen a sharp increase in the demand for hologram technology. The AV industry has been noticing this trend and is responding with emerging technology that delivers all kinds of Holographic Experiences, including the most novel of these innovations - live hologram presenters, who can appear in remote locations with the same sense of presence as if the person was there in-person. 

As technology continues to evolve, future updates in the development stage include Frameless Holograms and Interactive Holograms where users can touch, see, hear or feel.

In this post-pandemic world, many industries globally, especially Retail, Events & Performances, Entertainment, Education and Medical, are rapidly assessing and adopting Holographic Technology.

RETAIL - Advertising With Holographic Displays

One of the early applications within the retail industry saw many retailers turning towards various forms of Holographic Advertising. This was to help them stand out and remain more current in a world of ever-changing technology.

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Benefits & Uses

Advertising using hologram technology not only elevates the shopping experience, but it also helps position the retailer as a future-forward organization. Holograms also bring a fresh breath to OOH Advertising, helping pique the interest of audiences and give brands a unique opportunity to stand out from competition.

💡 3D Holographic Advertising for high-end luxury products: Luxury bags, and cars 

Major operational shifts in the industry also see a rise in contactless stores that require contactless technology - a gap the technology can fill.

💡 Interactive Holographic Maps at concierge and Retail spaces

💡 Digital signage displays of store and product information at Scan-And-Go Contactless stores

Possible Holograms

Case Study

  • Esports Experience Center @ Kallang Wave Mall
SeeHearLive Hypervsn Wall Holograms

EVENTS & PERFORMANCES - Holographic Telepresence

As the industry rebuilds to adapt to the ‘new normal,’ Holograms have been seeing a rise at hybrid events.  Since it’s not as simple to travel and often even gather in large groups, holograms can help presenters and performers appear remotely at functions with a sense of presence and can also at the same time be streamed online to reach a wider audience. 

The novelty of the technology is also effective in attracting the attention of crowds and increasing opportunities for interactions.

ARHT Media CAPSULE-Meetings

Image Credits: ARHT Media

Benefits & Uses

Beaming in live holograms allows speakers to appear remotely in real-time in multiple locations simultaneously without the need for travel. While preserving and possibly amplifying human connection, holographic telepresence technology is effective, especially in an age where travel is more restricted than before and the environmental impact of air travel is more debated than ever.

💡 3D Human Holograms of speakers in conferences

💡 3D Human Holograms of actors in performances

Aiming for a eye-catching crowd-pulling feature in pop up events and booths? Hologram Technology can be the key differentiator in brand experience, delivering an engaging, and impactful encounter to audiences.

💡 Gamified Holograms Displays in pop up booths and events

💡 Interactive Holograms in pop up booths and events

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Image Credits: Hypervsn

Possible Holograms

Case Study

  • Ministry of Communications and Information with Singapore Chamber of Commerce in South Korea
  • Little Prince, A Musical Journey
  • Singapore Defence Technology Summit 2021

Image Credits: Mrs. Josephine Teo, Minister for Communications and Information & Mr. Edwin Tong, Minister for Culture, Community & Youth

Video Credits: Dr. Ng Eng Hen, Minister for Defence

EDUCATION - Holographic Projections

Our world has embraced hybrid learning, but the next revolution in education would be Holographic Technology.

ARHT Media CAPSULE-Training

Image Credits: ARHT Media

Benefits & Uses

Holograms take hybrid learning to the next level by creating more ways of learning and opportunities for engagement. It also makes specialised training easier by enabling visualization of concepts to meet the dynamic learning needs of students.

💡 Holographic Projections of surgical procedures for medical students 

💡 Holographic Projections of events and places in history 

💡 3D Human Holograms of lecturers or students from different geographical locations 

Possible Holograms

Case Study

  • NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine uses Holographic Technology to teach medical, nursing students

Future Of Work With Holograms

The future of our work is a hologram-friendly one. In the last few years, the technology has received significant attention in different fields, locally and internationally. Future advancements will not only make it more sophisticated but also affordable and accessible.

As industries revolutionize and businesses evolve, so will the needs and habits of their consumers. To remain competitive and relevant, it is critical to continually adapt to changes and incorporate new technology into their processes.

For the technology parts, we are the experts! Our team has partnered with various industries to develop and install Hologram Solutions for their business needs.

Here are some of our projects and showcases:

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