HYPERVSN is a scalable business solution allowing brands to increase audience engagement and make a bold statement with large-scale, disruptive 3D holograms.

HYPERVSN Wall is made up from HYPERVSN hologram LED fans aligned with each other and synchronized to create a single 3D holographic image. Whether it’s a holo human or life-size product you would like to display, HYPERVSN Wall is the go-to solution when you are looking to capture attention in cluttered advertising environments and create highly immersive experience for your audience.


HYPERVSN Wall comprises specific hardware and software to guarantee stability operation and high quality of 3D visuals displayed. A standard HYPERVSN Wall would require a certain number of HYPERVSN MS displays, a MasterBox for stable image and sound sync, special cloud licences and a proprietary Wall App for seamless HYPERVSN Wall control and content management.

  • standard Wall pre-sets and custom configurations to achieve almost any size of 3D holograms
  • a combination of high-quality hardware and proprietary software for seamless 3D visual content display and management
  • access to cloud Media Library with generic videos made for standard HYPERVSN Wall pre-sets to use for your campaigns
  • world-class manufacturing at Flex, a leading Sketch-to-Scale® solutions provider in Ireland
  • 24/7 online support from HYPERVSN tech experts
  • one-stop services from E&E, the authorized HYPERVSN Distributor, Service Center and Event Partner

See how HYPERVSN Wall revolutionizes brand communication around the world

HYPERVSN Walls have been increasingly used by blue-chip companies, international corporations and local brands alike to create high-quality viewer experiences at events, retail, educational and corporate environments.

Cutting-edge 3D holographic technology for disruptive visual experience

HYPERVSN Walls are made of multiple HYPERVSN Solo devices installed and synced to make large-scale 3D holograms. How do these devices work? HYPERVSN 3D hologram fan is a new generation LED-based device that produces exceptional 3D holographic visuals with four rays rotating at a high speed of 30fps creating a feeling of the image floating in the mid-air.

At E&E we have a wide range of HYPERVSN products and accessories available both for rent and purchase to enable you to bring the disruptive 3D holograms to your business, venue and event.