HYPERVSN is an ultimate 3D holographic display solution powered by high-quality hardware and content management software, all working together to enable 3D hologram display and management.

HYPERVSN CMS software is designed specifically for HYPERVSN 3D hologram fans to provide users with seamless customer experience and most efficient workflow. Customers will have access to Cloud Portal with a variety of professional tools as well as downloadable apps for both HYPERVSN Solo 3D holograms fan and HYPERVSN Wall. Each of the applications is tailored to specific business needs for display and 3D visual content management.

Whether you would like to get both or just one of the two main products. HYPERVSN Solo MS/MSL or HYPERVSN Wall - our team in E&E is ready to provide you with all the necessary materials and service to get you going.

HYPERVSN 3D holographic display

HYPERVSN 3D hologram device is a new generation LED display to demonstrate visuals as futuristic holograms floating in mid-air. It is a four-ray rotor attached to a modern stator spinning at the controlled speed of 30 fps to produce a bright, hi-res image.

  • high definition 3D holographic visuals
  • scalable for any project or business with single HYPERVSN 3D hologram fans brought together to create an impactful HYPERVSN Wall
  • LED display with the image visible even in brightly-lit conditions
  • comes with a wide variety of accessories to let you make use of any space
  • access to online 3D Studio to create basic 3D visuals suitable for HYPERVSN 3D holographic displays
  • access to cloud Media Library with 100+ generic videos to use for your campaigns
  • world-class manufacturing at Flex, a leading Sketch-to-Scale® solutions provider in Ireland
  • 24/7 online support from HYPERVSN tech experts
  • one-stop services from E&E, the authorized HYPERVSN Distributor, Service Center and Event Partner

See how HYPERVSN is disrupting digital signage and advertising worldwide

From Coca-Cola, Louis Vuitton and Audi, to Nike, United Nations and Unilever, HYPERVSN 3D holograms have been used by companies, brands and organizations around the world to trigger real emotions, boost foot traffic, increase sales volume and launch new products onto the market.

Set no boundaries for your business with scalable HYPERVSN Wall

Combine as many Solo MS holographic displays as you need to achieve the desired size of your 3D hologram to impress your target audience. Whether you would like to rent or purchase HYPERVSN Wall for your next grand opening, product launch or permanent retail installation, we are ready at E&E to provide you with all the necessary hardware, software, installation and consultation services.