The Arts House (formerly Old Parliament House) is a building in Singapore. It is currently a multi-disciplinary arts venue that plays host to art exhibitions and concerts. Built in 1827, the Old Parliament House is the oldest government building and perhaps the oldest surviving building in Singapore. The building was home to the Parliament of Singapore from 1965 to 1999, when it moved to an adjacent new building.

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Occupying the almost 200-year-old building that was once the Parliament House, is The Arts House (TAH). Given its rich history and age, there was a need to maintain and refurbish the infrastructure. TAH, which is managed by Arts House Limited (AHL) and supported by The National Arts Council of Singapore presents and programmes multi-disciplinary arts.

In mid 2015, it was decided that the AV systems in TAH had to be upgraded to keep up with the technological developments. To achieve the objective, Electronics & Engineering Pte Ltd (E&E) was called upon to design, supply and install the systems. The project was commissioned and handed over in 2016.


The 75-seater Screening Room was given a face-lift to meet the needs of an intimate cinema hall setting. DCP-certified  equipment was installed with the deployment of a Barco DP2K-10SX, 2K digital cinema projector and a Dolby audio configuration setup. The Screening Room also caters to talks, presentations and seminars. As such, two sets of high-end Blu-ray Multi players were supplied with one Kramer VP436n 7-input content switcher complemented by a set of Kramer VGA/HDMI transmitter and receiver to enable the projection of content from different media.

Complementing the digital projector is a 7.1 surround system comprising three units of EAW CB259Z Cinema loudspeaker systems, two units of EAW SB184Z 18” Subwoofer systems and 10 units of EAW CR72Z cinema surround speakers. These speakers are driven by Crown amplifiers with one unit of EAW UX8800 speaker processor and 1 unit of Dolby CP750 digital cinema processor. E&E also supplied Fuyi Velvet Acoustical Curtain which flank the screen.

Lighting in the Screening Room has been divided into four zones and is easily managed with the provision of two units of touch-panels. These touch-panels have been programmed to meet two modes – cinema and multi-purpose.

Joseph Pang, Head of Technical Production of the Arts House is especially pleased with the sound system in the Screening Room. “A lot of work went into ensuring that the room would absorb echoes and provide a true surround sound experience for the audience. The digital projection is complemented beautifully by the 7.1 surround sound system and we have had positive feedback from users since the upgrade.”


Gallery II features a unit of EAW SMS1990 2-way full range speakers installed on each of the four walls for audio reinforcement. The speakers come in white to complement the white-washed walls. The speakers are amplified via Ashly power amplifiers with processing handled by an Ashly DSP speaker processor with mixing duties assigned to an Allen & Heath GR2 analogue zone mixing system. Due to aesthetics and space constraints, the audio and microphone level control is enabled with an Allen & Heath unique looking control panel that is connected to the racks which are placed at another level via Cat 6 cable. The portable lighting grid features Philips Selecon and ETC mini Source 4 lighting fixtures.


The larger Gallery on the ground floor features an upgraded lighting grid fitted with 36 Philips Selecon lighting fixtures with a mix of ETC mini Source 4 lighting fixtures.

The Living Room is usually used for seminars or rehearsals. This room features four units of EAW SMS4990 2-way full range loudspeakers that are installed on the left and right of the main elongated wall, with a speaker each on both the side walls. Two units of Ashly power amplifiers and an Ashly DSP speaker processor are used with a Mackie 12 channel mixing console. The equipment rack is permanently placed within the space.


The Council Room features a permanently fixed Epson interactive projector and is mainly used for board presentations or meetings. The sound system in this space was not upgraded as it was still able to serve its purpose. Due to the small space, four units of ceiling speakers provide sound reinforcement.


The Blue Room is made up of two rooms. The bigger room features four units of EAW SMS2990 2-way full range loudspeakers, whereas the smaller room features 4 units of the smaller EAW SMS1990 2-way full range loudspeakers. Here, the equipment rack is permanently fixed featuring three units of Ashly power amplifiers and one Ashly DSP speaker processor and a Mackie ProFX12, 12-channel mixing console.


The Play Den is a Black Box theatre. In there, E&E upgraded the sound system and installed an ETC Element 40/250 lighting control desk.

For Front of House usage, E&E installed four units of Mackie IP12 speakers complemented with 2 units of Mackie IP18S subwoofers. The FOH speakers are driven by two units of Ashly KLR-3200 amplifiers whereas the sub is driven by an Ashly KLR-4000 amplifier. A Mackie SP260 unit handles speaker management.

Joseph adds, “For users who prefer to bring in their own consoles, provision has been made for them to control their system via a bus-system.”


With The Arts House providing spaces for varied events they also added to their inventory a Panasonic DLP full HD projector with a Panasonic mid throw zoom lens as well as two sets of Epson ultra short throw WXGA resolution projectors.


“Upgrading the AV system has assisted us in offering an overall improved experience for the public. Since the upgrade, we have had very few complaints,” said Joseph. “We appreciate the support and dedication of the E&E team in transforming the AV system of The Arts House.”

“E&E is privileged and honoured to have delivered a complete total solution to the complete satisfaction for The Arts House based on their aim to facilitate and serve the Arts community in Singapore,” commented Gary Goh, Deputy Managing Director, Electronics & Engineering Pte Ltd.

Photo Credit: The Arts House