E&E has been responsible for installing sound systems at some of Singapore’s most iconic infrastructure developments.

From the thumping beats of nightclub Attica and the raucous cheers at the new National Stadium to the classical strains flowing from the Esplanade Concert Hall – homegrown E&E has been responsible for the clarity of some of the sweetest sounds emanating from around Singapore. E&E stands for Electronics & Engineering, a leading provider of professional audio and visual solutions with clients in more than 20 Asian countries, since 1951.

“In the next five to 10 years, we see South-east Asian markets poised for potential growth. Our ‘pull factor’ is still very strong in the region. Many of our clients have voiced their plans for expansion in the region,” says the company’s managing director Ronald Goh. “We are expecting that each of the markets will provide us with as much opportunity as Singapore.”

The story of E&E is closely intertwined with that of Singapore. Set up by Mr Goh’s father in 1951 in pre-independence Singapore, the family- run business has been involved in several of the country’s iconic infrastructure projects through the decades.

Its projects over the last 60 years have appeared in every imaginable space – from concert arenas, museums and hotels to places of worship, military academies, a cruise ship and even an offshore drilling platform.

When the company first started, it was known as a specialist in cinema projection systems due to Mr Goh senior’s experience in the cinema industry – first as a projectionist at Shaw Brothers and later, as a technical manager at a film production house. He once even helped produce a Hokkien- language film on Singapore. It became the main supplier for the local cinema industry, with customers such as Cathay Organisation.


Click here to read the full article published in The Business Times, CEO Conversations, 2015 Golden Jubilee Edition. 

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