31st January 2013, Singapore – The A Cappella Society has been evaluating portable digital mixer systems for a couple of years and have been aiming to find one that is portable, flexible and affordable yet powerful in functionality to add to its inventory of support equipment for the outreach programs it runs and supports.

Technical Director Chan Xiang Ju says, “We were provided with a Mackie DL1608 during the International Acapella Festival 2012 with compliments of Mackie’s Singapore distributor, Electronics and Engineering Pte Ltd and after this field test, my team and I were convinced that it was the game changing technology that they have been hunting around for the longest time.”

“After using it out on the field during the International Acapella Festival, I was astounded by how good sounding the board is especially the Onyx Mic Pres. Its just so clean sounding with lots of headroom. The compressors, gates and parametric EQs on every channel sweetened the deal,” continued Chan.

The Society immediately placed an order for a set and it came in time for them to customize it into their portable touring flight case and sent it off together with the groups “NANU” and “Urban Harmony” to the Hong Kong Acapella Festival.

“Since we have started using the Mackie DL1608, it has been extremely reliable especially during the 2 weeks we toured around Hong Kong. The ability to mix remotely using the iPad is a huge advantage especially in cases where we do not get to dictate where the mixer is to be sited. It’s small physical footprint allows us to have the tools we need at our disposal without worrying about transportation,’’ said Chan.

“We are extremely pleased that the DL1608 has been able to meet the society’s need for a portable mixing system. The DL1608 has been very well received since we previewed it at the Houses of Worship Technologies Show and it provides users with a whole new level of innovation in the market, said Gary Goh, Deputy Managing Director, Electronics & Engineering Pte Ltd.