Stem Ecosystem: Audio For Every Conference

Discover the ecosystem that gives you the freedom to create, manage, and scale your collaboration space audio for an effortless experience in any room.

stem audio ecosystem

Small, flexible meeting rooms have been in the spotlight the last 2 years. Conference Room Audio Solutions are revolutionizing the way that traditional conferences are held, and for good reasons - productivity and cost-efficiency.

Instead of a turnkey conference audio solution designed for a sole purpose in mind, imagine a fully customizable ecosystem that gives you the freedom to seamlessly blend audio into any room.

What do the next-level conference audio systems comprise of?

The revolutionary Stem Audio conference room ecosystem is a collection of five state-of-the-art networking devices that can mix and match to suit any conference room.

Stem Audio ecosystem is made up of four audio devices (Speaker, Table, Wall, and Ceiling) that work in tandem with two support devices (Control and Hub) - one solution for every room.

Eliminate The Guesswork

Use Stem RoomDesign to virtually recreate any room to have a better idea of the audio coverage. Simply drag and drop in our mix & matchable products to know exactly what you need in your meeting room.

Read more on how you can do that here.

Productive, Cost-Effective & DIY In A Few Minutes

Conferencing set up shouldn't be tough nor time consuming. Every minute saved is a minute extra to focus on that important project you're on. With Stem Audio, conferencing set up is designed to be as simple as possible.

Stem ecosystem can be installed in minutes!

To set up the solution,
1. Place your products wherever you want in the room (they blend in real well!)
2. Connect them to your network with a single Ethernet cable
3. Assign them to a room on the Stem ecosystem platform and you’re all set!

If you want to see for yourself, watch the video on setting up your first room in minutes!

We Work (Exceptionally) Well

We know Software-based audio is the future of video conferencing, so Stem Ecosystem is designed to be especially compatible with leading video conferencing platforms and collaboration technologies. No more "can you hear me?" over fuzzy audio. Get right in your conference because you know, we got you covered.

An Audio Solution For Every Conference Room

Remember Stem Audio’s conference room ecosystem is built to give you the freedom to blend audio into any space for a fully customizable solution. That’s the beauty of Stem Audio.