Introducing Rational Acoustics SMAART v9




(New stuff added)

New Multi-Output Signal Generator

New multi-device, multi-output, signal generator that allows each output to have its own independent friendly name and trim value.

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Signal Generator Output Presets

Pre-define and quickly recall output channel selections and trim settings.

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New Real Time Mode Timer Macro

User-defineable macro configuration allows automation of Real Time Spectrum or Transfer Function measurement tasks. (Smaart Suite & RT only).

New Measurement Pause Behavior

Pause all running engines, without hiding the data created.

New Auto-Set Delay Tracker Functionality

When engaged, the delay tracker will automatically turn itself off once the reference delay is stable.


(Existing stuff made more awesome)

Aesthetic Refresh and Unified Interface Elements

Smaart's Real Time Mode, Impulse Response Mode and SPL Mode now share the same new overall dimensions, new material icons, and updated color palette.

More Powerful Transfer Function Engine

New Transfer Function Engine provides both MTW and single size FFT calculation simultaneously.

More Intuitive Measurement Configuration

Measurement Engine Singularity provides the ability to drag n' drop Spectrum and Transfer Function engines directly into the measurement environment. Spectrum & Transfer Function "Phantom Engines" provide direct access to configuration from the menu bar.

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Larger FFT Settings for Transfer Function Measurements

64K & 128K FFT options availlable for Transfer Function calculation (Smaart Suite & RT only).

Plug & Play Device Support

Ability to detect and use devices on-the-fly without rebooting Smaart.

Graph Area Enhancements

Overhauled graph area UI controls make graph display settings and interactions more intuitive.


(behind the scenes stuff that makes Smaart run better and faster)

Improved Graphics Rendering

A brand new graphics rendering engine provides up to 25% greater overall performance.

Improved Application Startup Time

Under-the-hood optimizations result in a significantly faster startup time, compared to previous versions of Smaart.

Support for Apple Silicon

The macOS version of Smaart is now a Universal Binary, with native support for Apple Silicon.

64-bit OS Support

Both Mac and Windows builds of all editions are now 64-bit.


With the release of Rational Acoustics Smaart v9, Smaart is moving from its old version-based product structure to a new, more cohesive edition-based one. This means that instead of maintaining multiple separate products, with separate but related code bases, each at different release versions (i.e. Smaart v8, Smaart Di v2, Smaart SPL v1), there will now be only one version of Smaart (v9) that is available in several different editions.

By standardizing all editions of Smaart on the same v9 code base, we have ensured that all editions share the same fundamental GUI, the same command and control structure, the same operational paradigms, and are cohesive right down to the hotkeys.

The only difference between the editions is their feature sets.


Smaart Suite is the full-featured, flagship, edition which includes all three of Smaart's powerful measurement modes (Real-Time, Impulse Response, and SPL) with no functional limitations. Smaart Suite is the analog to the comprehensive functionality currently found in Smaart v8 and is designed for professional users who require (or desire) Smaart's full feature set across all three measurement modes.

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Smaart RT is Smaart Suite's Real-Time Mode as a stand-alone edition. It comprises all of the core multi-engine FFT-based measurement capabilities that professional audio engineers have come to rely upon from Smaart over the past 27 years – RTA, Spectrograph, Transfer Function and Live Impulse Response measurements - all harnessed in a work environment developed to fit the work-flow and task critical demands of modern audio engineering. If you hear an engineer talking about using “Smaart,” they are probably talking about the RT mode.  While it does include Live IR measurement and basic single-channel SPL monitoring capabilities, Smaart RT does not include Suite’s acoustic analysis focused Impulse Response Mode or the fully featured SPL monitoring tools of SPL Mode. Smaart RT is designed for users who simply require the complete advanced functionality of the Real-Time Mode.

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Smaart LE is a simplified, streamlined version of Smaart's Real Time Mode with many of the advanced settings and adjustments for Spectrum, Transfer Function and Live IR measurements pre-set and fixed – in effect, just like operating RT on its default measurement settings. All the power of RT without all of the variables. While it does not include many of the advanced user functions included in Suite and RT, it does still allow for Smaart’s unlimited multi-engine measurement configurations. And because it uses the same GUI and command and control structure as RT and Suite, it serves as a great gateway to the Smaart measurement platform. Smaart LE contains the core, essential functionality for Smaart’s spectrum and frequency response measurements and is a great choice for users just starting out on the Smaart platform, students, and those who want quick, simple, solid measurement functionality without the bells and whistles.

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Smaart SPL is the power of Smaart Suite’s SPL mode as a stand-alone edition. Smaart SPL includes all of the multi-channel, remotely monitorable, SPL metering and logging features found in Smaart Suite, in a simplified, purpose-focused package. Often a perfect solution for installed level monitoring systems, Smaart SPL is ideal for applications that don't require any of the Real Time or Impulse Response measurement functionality found in other editions of Smaart.

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Rational Acoustics Perpetual Smaart License


All editions of Smaart v9 will be available for purchase as perpetual licenses.

Rational Acoustics Smaart Subscription License


Smaart Suite, Smaart RT and Smaart LE will be available for purchase on an annual subscription basis.
(Smaart SPL is only available as a perpetual license)


Rational Acoustics Smaart v9