SINGAPORE: Called upon to equip the new stadium with the latest state-of-the-art audiovisual technology, E&E had used Daktronics LED screens for this installation to meet the world-class standards required for sporting venues.

“Daktronics is proud to have partnered with a company like E&E for this prestigious project, we look forward to more successful partnerships in the future,” remarked Guy de Souza, ASEAN Regional Sales Manager, Daktronics Inc.

The main displays at each end of the stadium feature Daktronics 20HD pixel layouts and each measure 16.46 meters wide by 9.51 meters height. They are each able to provide live video, game scoring and instant replays and are also capable of being programmed into multiple sections to provide additional up-to-the-minute statistics, graphics, animations, advertising messages and other information.

(L-R) Ronald Goh, Managing Director, E&E Pte Ltd; Jason Leong, Business Development Manager, E&E Pte Ltd; Guy de Souza, ASEAN Regional Sales Manager, Daktronics Inc.; Gary Goh, Deputy Managing Director, E&E Pte Ltd; Dan Chase, Vice President Asia-Pacific, Daktronics Inc.

Two ribbon displays of 73cm height and stretching 149.96 meters wide along both the stadium’s seating fascia provide additional advertising opportunities and game relevant information. Each ribbon display features 20mm line spacing. The displays incorporate excellent image clarity and contrast with wide-angle visibility to provide an improved view and experience for all those in attendance.

Distributed around the other venues within the Singapore Sports Hub, the OCBC Arena has been installed with four Daktronics LED screens measuring 3.17 meters by 5.07 meters, the OCBC Aquatic Centre with one Daktronics LED screen measuring 4.76 meters by 7.61 meters and the Water Sports Centre with one portable Daktronics LED screen measuring 2.85 meters by 5.07 meters

“We are proud to be recognized for this achievement and will continue to collaborate with the team at Daktronics Inc.,” commented Gary Goh, E&E’s Deputy Managing Director.


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