INDONESIA: Neutrik master dealer, Multi Voice Elektronic (MVE), recently partnered with regional distributor, Electronics and Engineering (E&E) Indonesia, to host a seminar for the manufacturer’s new equipment solution. Held at Le Grandeur Hotel in Magga Dua Jakarta, the event was attended by engineer and systems application specialists from Indonesia’s TV and broadcast industry.

Led by Neutrik Asia sales manager, Brahms Lee, the focus of the seminar was the introduction of Neutrik’s OpticalCon connecters. The session also explored the use of fibre optic technology in the broadcast industry where data transmission is due to rise sharply in the near future thanks to the introduction of 4K and 8K technology.

The event also served as the platform for the manufacturer’s new OpticamSwitch camera router/switcher solution to be introduced to broadcasters in the country. It uses a heating element to modify the light signal and route the cameras into the output that is required.

Electronics & Engineering Indonesia in partnership with Multi Voice Electronik, the master dealer for Neutrik, held a seminar at the Le-Grandeur Hotel – Mangga Dua, Jakarta focussing on Neutrik products.


E&E Indonesia and MVE host Neutrik seminar