Gary Goh delivering his opening speech to guests at the new Town Hall@289

SINGAPORE – 16 November 2018 – Electronics & Engineering Pte Ltd (E&E) announced the official opening of our E&E Experience Centre (ENEXC) and TOWN HALL@289 which is housed in an iconic building at the distinct corner of Outram Road and Seng Poh Road earlier this week. The launch event was attended by partners and clients including those from Hong Kong, UK, Myanmar and the US, all of whom were treated to a first hand tour of both our newly renovated spaces.

Designed with a concept of what we fondly term as the 3Cs, these new spaces were created with the objective of promoting Creativity, Collaboration and Connectivity and with the main purpose of bringing Experiential Solutions directly to our customers and end users.

This also extends to all our partners who we work closely with and allows them to have access to the best services, products and solutions for their clients. These two new facilities have been designed to showcase solutions addressing customer needs across a variety of applications.

At ENEXC, the facility allows for instant demonstrations of the systems on display and enables clients to evaluate products from the various brands that E&E represents including Shure, Chamsys, Hypervsn and the Harman brands which include BSS, Crown, dbx, Digitech, Lexicon, JBL Professional, Soundcraft and Studer. TOWN HALL@289 is used as a collaborative work space to connect with clients, partners and end users alike.

‘We are expanding our reach to our customers and partners to enable them to experience our solutions firsthand, said Gary Goh, Deputy Managing Director, Electronics & Engineering Pte Ltd. “Here at E&E, we strive to continually focus on being service oriented, in line with the reputation that we have earned over the decades that we have been in business,” continued Gary Goh.

ENEXC is located at 273 Outram Road while TOWN HALL@289 is located at 289 Outram Road.



E&E Group of Companies Officially Launch New Experience Centre and TOWN HALL@289