Designing and manufacturing mixing consoles for more than 40 years, Soundcraft is a pioneer of “the British Sound” synonymous with the 70s and a leader in digital and analog console technology today. From live sound to recording and broadcast, Soundcraft offers the widest array of mixing consoles in the world, ranging from an eight-input analog mixer to the most sophisticated digital touring and large-scale installation consoles with more than 100 inputs.

Soundcraft mixing consoles provide a host of innovative, patented features that make life easier for professionals on the road, at the theater and in the studio. Advanced digital user interfaces combine the best functionality, including built-in equalizers, integrated reverb, delay processing and more. With professional features, intuitive operation and uncompromised sound quality, Soundcraft has built a global reputation for delivering optimum performance every time.

Product Categories

Vi Series, Si Series, Ui Series, Signature Series, Signature MTK Series, Notepad Series, GB Series, EPM Series, EFX Series, Multi-Purpose Mixer

Compact Stagebox, Vi Stagebox, Mini Stagebox 32R/16R, Mini Stagebox 32i/16i

Si Option Cards, Vi Option Cards

Notepad Series, Si Series, Signature Series, Signature MTK Series, Ui Series

Realtime Rack (UAD Powered Plug-Ins for Soundcraft Vi Series Live Sound Consoles)

ViSi Remote, ViSi Listen, Audio Calc Toolkit