Rational Acoustics is the owner and developer of the world renowned Smaart® Acoustic Test and Measurement Software.

Smaart is the most straightforward and widely used software for real-time sound system measurement, optimization and control. For over 18 years it has garnered a loyal following from every corner of the audio industry. And on a daily basis it helps audio professionals around the globe do their jobs better, faster and, of course, smarter.

In addition to software development, Rational Acoustics also provides training courses, hardware products and professional consulting for the specialized field of sound system measurement, analysis, and alignment. In other words: the education, tools, and expertise that further the art and science of sound system optimization.

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Smaart is a computer based dual-channel FFT platform to view the frequency content of signals or measure the response of electrical & electro-acoustic systems, all to better make informed decisions about the deployment and operation of those systems.

A comprehensive series of Smaart Training Classes designed to provide students with a solid foundation in the application and utilization of Smaart in sound system measurement, optimization and acoustical analysis.

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