JBL Pro is the world’s leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of professional loudspeakers and studio monitors for musicians, contracting, tours, cinema and recording & broadcasting applications.

Playback the last 60-plus years of music and motion picture recording, and one name stands alone: JBL. Before THX and Dolby, before stereo and even hi-fi, there was JBL. Today, JBL Pro sound is heard in 70 percent of professional venues, including legendary recording studios, famous concert venues and premier movie houses, as well as houses of worship, conference centers, educational facilities and more.

With revolutionary audio technology and groundbreaking innovation at their core, JBL’s award-winning products deliver the most accurate, high-quality sound reproduction possible. Leading engineers and performers trust JBL to meet all of their sound needs with such well-known staples as VerTec®, EON® and ScreenArray®.

Product Categories

Wide range of Array Cinema Loudspeakers, High Power Cinema Sound, Cinema Surround Loudspeakers, Cinema Subwoofer Systems, Cinema Loudspeakers, Spatially Cued Surround Loudspeakers, Cinema Processor and Installation Amplifiers.

Wide range of Ceiling Speakers, Column Speakers, Commercial Soundbars, JBL Commercial System Solutions, EN-54 Speakers, In-Wall Speakers, Installed Portable PA Speakers, Landscape Speakers, Line Array Speakers, Pendant Speakers, Point Source Install Speakers and Surface Mount Speakers.

Wide range of Portable PA, Bluetooth Loudspeakers, Powered Stage Monitors Sound Reinforcement, High Powered Sound Reinforcement with Wireless App Control or Network Control, Powered and Passive Compact Line Array Systems and more.

Wide range of Premium Line Array Products, Subwoofer Products, Subcompact Line Array Products, Stage Monitors, Network based Amplifier and high-end touring Racks, VTX Complimentary Subwoofers and Softwares.

Wide range of Master Reference Monitor, Studio Monitors, Desktop Monitors, Two-Way Powered Studio Monitors, Compact Monitor Loudspeaker, Reference Monitor, Compact Loudspeaker and Transparent Audio Control.

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