The best sound systems depend on advanced digital signal processing to really make them shine, and dbx delivers. One of the most well-respected dynamics processing companies in the industry, dbx offers complete equalization and speaker management systems, powered speaker optimizers, direct boxes, zone controllers, equalizers and more.

In addition to years of leadership and expertise in the processing field, dbx has combined its detection and summing methods, known as True RMS Level Detection and True RMS Power Summing, to reflect the “true” sounds that are heard by the human ear. dbx’s patented integrated circuit designs can detect and process natural sounds over a broad range of signals. This technology helps musicians ensure that their voices are heard at their best.

Product Categories

dbx has a long and venerated past with modular processors dating back to the classic 900 Series, which are still mainstays in many professional recording studios. dbx new 500 Series modules continue that tradition offering legendary dbx processing with modern design.

The DriveRack® series are a diverse group of processors that provide control of equalization and loudspeaker management. Used and appreciated in every kind of venue, from houses of worship to big-name world tours, the DriveRack series are the most popular loudspeaker management systems.

The ZonePRO® products are easy to install and use – thanks to step-by-step setup wizards – and they’re backed by long track record of dbx reliability.

The Zone Controllers offer extended utility to the SC, DriveRack®; and ZonePRO families. The nine Zone Controllers provide logic control ranging from zone source selection, volume and muting, to program or scene selection and fire safety interface.

Advanced Feedback Suppression (AFS) takes the guesswork out of controlling feedback, which is not only annoying but can even damage speakers – and ears. AFS is flexible and easy to use: just choose the level of suppression you want, and you’re done. AFS automatically stops feedback in its tracks.

The mic preamps developed by dbx are so widely used and respected by sound engineers that the name of one of their most popular preamps – the 286 – has become a universally used term that means “mic preamp.”

Built with flexibility and versatility in mind, dbx compressors, limiters, and gates enhance the quality of your performance without slowing you down.

Improve sound quality and speaker efficiency with world-renowned dbx crossovers.

With a proven track record of ruggedness and reliability, dbx EQ’s are widely known as the industry standard at all levels. The respected dbx heritage includes over 30 years of experience, patents, and awards, and these EQ’s maintain that tradition of excellence.

Subharmonic Synthesis brings out and extends bass frequencies, producing tremor-like lows you can feel as well as hear. It always gets a huge reaction from the crowd, and it’s available as a standalone unit or via the DriveRack family.

The tradition of quality and reliability can be found in everything made by dbx, right down to cable tester, direct boxes, RTA mics and patch bays. The best way to round out your collection of world-class dbx gear is with world-class dbx accessories you know you can depend on.