As a professional audio and AV equipment manufacturer, Apex aims to provide its worldwide users with innovative high quality products. Over the last twenty-five years, Apex has built a great reputation for combining excellent audio quality with ease of use in all its designs.

In 2015 APEX entered the AV market with a revolutionary product: the Liviau Series. Apex Liviau offers an entirely new, ultra-simple way of controlling audio, video and lighting for presentations. In Liviau, they have managed to integrate all AV functions into a single, elegant unit, without the need for external equipment, thus reducing system complexity and cost dramatically.

Product Categories

Liviau series is the first all-in-one audio, video & lighting system that comes in one single touch screen unit.

Apex Intelli-series sets the new benchmark in system management and speaker processing design.

Apex SL-series is a set of tools to protect hearing, neighbours, the environment and equipment against excessive sound levels.

SMA-1 is an amplifier module set out to be an easily customizable full turnkey solution for the active 2-way PA speaker market.

PE-Series equalisers apply a combination of graphic and parametric equalisers. This combination is unsurpassed.

dB-Series consist of audio distribution and equalizing solutions to simplify the life of installers, sound engineers and musicians.