The ACME Group, founded in 1985, is a pioneering, specialist manufacturer of professional stage lighting, sound systems and architectural lighting.

Supported by extensive R&D, production and sales, ACME’s future-proofed factory spans an impressive 100-acre site in Gaoming district, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. In recent years the business has seen rapid growth in both its home market and overseas. Today, the ACME Group prides itself on its far-reaching sales and support network, which covers 70 countries and regions worldwide.

Product Categories

Libra, Orion, Chiron, Cetus, Spartan Hybrid, Glory Profile, Glory

Sunrise, Oxozone, Diabolo, Ozone, Oxygen, CM-250Z Series, Solar Flare, Solar Impulse, Dotline360, Pageant 600Z II, Sparkling, Super Geist Framing, Geist Framing, Energy Spot Pro, Energy Hybrid, Rayzor Hybrid, Dotline180, Solaris,Glamour 700Z, Glamour 350Z, Pageant 300ZR

Farandole, Flamenco, Thunderbolt, Thunderstruck, Stage Par 400 Zoom IP, Stage Par 100 IP, Stage Par, Stage Blinder IP, Tour Pixel Bar 1010 II, Coolie 545, Coolie 14FC, Stage Par 600 Zoom IP, Stage Par 300 Zoom II, Infinity Matrix

CM-250Z Series, Theater Spot, Ellipsoidal 40, Ellipsoidal, TV Light Panel 2000, TV Light Panel 1000, Theater Led Flood, Portable Photo Bar

Vaccum Tester, Oxozone, Ozone, Cetus, Thunderbolt, Thunderstruck, Stage Par 600 Zoom IP, Stage Par 400 Zoom IP, Coolie 14FC, Coolie 545, Stage Par, Trusshub U, Trusshub S, Tour Pixel Bar 1010 II

Glory Followspot II (XP-1000FS II)

Spot/ Flood Wash/ Facade (White & Static Colours, Dynamic White, Colour Changing), Inground (Colour Changing)

Laser Bar RGB, Diamonds, Sapphire, Sapphire II

Trusshub U, Trusshub S, IL-2420 II, RDM Splitter, ARTDMX A28, DMX Splitter, CA-RS16, Uploader II

Flight Case, Cables, Clamps, Cellular Grid and others