Get that world-renowned JBL Professional sound, anytime, anywhere with the new JBL EON ONE PRO, the first, portable, battery-powered, linear-array PA system in its class. With a lighter, more compact design and up to six hours of play time, you can now take your performances to places you’ve only dreamed of.

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All-In-One, Rechargeable, 7 Channels, Linear-Array PA System

JBL Eon One Pro, Anytime, Anywhere

Take Your Performance to New Places

The EON ONE PRO empowers you to give your fans incredible live experiences, wherever your inspiration takes you—on a mountain or the beach, subway or streetside—even where there’s no power outlet.

JBL Eon One Pro Professional Sound

Legendary JBL Professional Sound

The culmination of over 70 years of professional audio innovation, the EON ONE PRO provides superior sound quality so you can sound great no matter where you play.

JBL Eon One Pro Bluetooth

Keep The Party Going

Stream music from any Bluetooth-enabled device. With built-in USB, you won’t need to worry about keeping it charged—just plug it in. There’s even a built-in tablet stand so your device is always in reach.

JBL Eon One Pro Easy Carry

One-Hand, Easy-to-Carry Design

EON ONE PRO’s lightweight and versatile design is easy-to-carry—at just 37.5 pounds, you only need one hand. Plus, it fully collapses into the base, no shoulder bags or multiple trips required.

JBL Eon One Pro battery-powered

Cut the Cord

Perform for up to 6 hours without recharging, courtesy of its extended-life lithium-ion battery. Leave the generator at home.

JBL Eon One Pro Wide Coverage

Sound Coverage Across All Angles

EON ONE PRO optimizes sound dispersion so your audience can hear your performance from all angles—even from behind. EON ONE PRO even re-calibrates its sound depending on the number of high-frequency height spacers you choose when setting up.

JBL Eon One Pro Strong Bass

Bass You Can Feel

Even without power, you can still sound powerful. The EON ONE PRO houses an 8” subwoofer that delivers low-end response that your audience can really feel.

JBL Eon One Pro Accessory Mount

Capture Your Performance

The EON ONE PRO features an accessory mount located at the top of the line-array speakers—simply attach a camera and you’re ready to record.

JBL EON ONE Product Tour

EON ONE PRO in School


JBL EON ONE Transport System

Protective padded cover and convenient rolling board to make safely moving your EON ONE a breeze.

JBL EON ONE Transport System
JBL EON ONE Transport System

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