Tascam is the professional audio division of TEAC Corporation and produces the most comprehensive line of audio recorders, mixers and related equipment in the pro audio industry. TASCAM has been a pioneer in home recording and post-production whose products are relied upon by home users and professionals around the world.

For decades, TASCAM has been the choice of musicians, engineers and broadcast professionals worldwide by combining industry leading fidelity with legendary reliability.

With solutions designed for a stunning array of audio applications and catering to today’ s top professionals, TASCAM continues to define the sound of modern recording.

Product Categories

Integrated Production Suite, All-In-One Mixing Studio, USB Audio/MIDI Interface, Multi-Track Live Recording Console, Microphone Preamplifier, USB Audio / MIDI Interface, Headphone Amplifier, USB Audio MIDI Interface, Mic/Instrument interface

8/ 24/ 32 Track Digital Portastudio, 6/ 8-track Digital Pocketstudio, Guitar/Bass Trainer/Recorder

Integrated Production Suite, All-In-One Mixing Studio, Multi-Track Live Recording Console, Installation Mixer, Industrial-grade Audio Zone Mixer, 8 Input/ Output Matrix Mixer, USB3.0 Audio MIDI Interface, 8 Stereo Channel Line Mixer

16/ 32-channel Analog/Dante Converter, Input/Output Adapter, Euroblock to D-Sub Input Adaptor, 2/4-Channel Mic/Line Input/Output Dante Converter with built-in DSP Mixer

Stereo Handheld Digital Audio Recorder, Micro linear/ Linear PCM Recorder, Camera-mountable audio recorder, Portable Handheld Recorder with Wi-Fi, Recorder for Video Production, PCM Recorder for DSLR Video Production, Linear PCM Field Recorder, Recorder/Mixer for Production Audio, Pro Field Recorder, Communication/Control Surface for HS-P82

Micro Linear PCM Recorder, Recorder for Video Production, PCM Recorder for DSLR Video Production, Recorder/Mixer for Production Audio, Camera-mountable Audio Recorder, Micro Linear PCM Recorder, Lavalier Microphone, Li-ion Battery Pack

Installation Mixer, CD/SD/USB Player/Recorder, Solid State Recorder, Digital Multitrack Recorder, Stereo Master Recorder - AD/DA Converter, Double Cassette Deck, Network Recorder/Player, Blu-ray Player, SSD storage case, MADI digital/Dante interface card

Master Clock Generator for small to large-scale video/audio synchronization systems, broadcasting stations and post-production sites.

Ethernet Control Card, Interface Card, Remote Control App, Communication/Control Surface, Wired/Wireless Remote, Foot Switch, Windscreen for Recorders, Foot Switch, AC Adapter Kit, Wall-mounted Programmable Controller, SSD Storage Case

Remote Control App, Waveform Editing Software, Control Software for System Integrators / System Managers/ End-Users

4K/UHD Streamer/Recorder, FULL HD Streamer/Recorder

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