Since 2003, ChamSys has harnessed the talents of lighting designers, software engineers and hardware developers to innovate and disrupt the field of lighting control. They knew that to overcome the limitations of traditional consoles, they would have to utilize the latest technology and break some conventions. Those efforts lead to the release of MagicQ software and dedicated consoles, which fulfill the company’s aim creating high performance lighting consoles and softwares engineered to adapt to a wide range of applications for operators at all levels from beginners to professionals.

ChamSys has continued to develop new leading edge software and hardware.

Product Categories

Chamsys award-winning MagicQ consoles unlock powerful lighting control and loads of features professional lighting designers can rely on for even the most complex lighting systems.

QuickQ consoles feature an intuitive plug-and-play interface and helpful learning prompts to make it easy for even inexperienced users to operate smaller lighting systems.

Configure and maintain your lighting systems with DMX and Ethernet based networking solutions.

A range of products including MagicQ Two Universe DMX Interface, MagicDMX Full, MagicDMX Basic and MagicDMX Full Test Kit.

Choose from a complete line of accessories that enhance or protect your ChamSys gear.

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