Founded in 2005 by eleven engineers, Attero Tech has grown into a global provider of innovative, cost-effective audio networking I/O endpoints and AV connectivity solutions. Attero Tech delivers unique solutions that solve real-world AV problems for Hospitality, Education, Command & Control, Corporate AV, Stadium/Arena and House of Worship.

Product Categories

Audio Extension I/O Modules, Axiom Expander Module

Dante™ Networked Audio, AES67 Networked Audio, Control

USB Audio, HDMI Audio, AES3 Audio, Analog I/O

AES67 Scalable Mic/Line Connectivity Interface, 8x8 or 4x4 AES67 Scalable Mic/Line Audio Expander

Analog Extension

Dante™/AES67 Wall mount 4-Button Paging Interface with and without 3G

Dante™ Networked Audio Monitor with and without Bluetooth® Connectivity

Dante/AES67 Networked Audio Interface (16 Channel I/O, 32 Mic Level Analog Inputs, 32 Line Level Analog Inputs/ Outputs), Dante/AES67 Rackmount Audio Monitor

Product Connector/Accessory Kits, Power Supplies, Rack Mount Accessories, Expansion Plates, Installation Accessories, Cable/Connector Accessories, Microphone Accessories